John Rattray


The Real Reason Scotland became the Home of Golf!

On the 7th March 1744, The City of Edinburgh Council agreed to provide The Gentlemen Golfers of Edinburgh with a Silver Club on condition that they write down the regulations for the competition. Committing to paper the first 13 rules, is considered by many to be the most important event that ever took place in the history of this great sport.

The relevant original papers are kept at The National Library of Scotland. They were signed by Mr John Rattray, the winner of the Silver Club and first Captain of what we know today as The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at Muirfield.

Despite the significance of this event to the development of the sport, very few golfers have ever heard of Mr Rattray.  The story of his life is truly an extraordinary one and the world of golf will celebrate in its telling.

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The Minutes of the City of Edinburgh Council of 7th March 1744 agreeing to the conditions to be met for the provision of the Silver Club for annual competition at the golf.
The location of the main statue - the 1st green of the 5 hole golf course used in 1744.

Something Very Special

David Annand, the sculptor of the main statue, has made a 16″ version of Rattray. This has been scanned and there will be a limited production of 50 16″ and 100 11″ bronzes produced at the same Edinburgh foundry that has made the life-size Rattray for Leith Links. Each statue will have the sculptors mark and come with a signed certificate of authenticity.

By purchasing one of these uniquely numbered Bronzes, you or your golf club will not only be contributing to a worthwhile cause, but you will own a piece of history that will increase in importance and value as the years go by.

The Bronzes - Limited Edition

A Choice of Size and Base
Showing Wooden Base
The Fine Detail